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How To Install Quizwalla App

Step 1

Click on the "Download App" or "Install App" or "Download Anyway" option.

Step 2

You may see a pop-up window asking for permission to download the app. Allow the download.

Step 3

Open settings and turn on unknown source to install the quizwalla app

Step 4

You will need to grant permission for installation. Allow the installation.

Step 5

Click on install and wait while installing.

Step 6

Click 'Open' to launch the app.

Play Quiz on Quizwala App & Win Real Rewards

The QuizWalla app rules are simple and very similar to the other online quizzes platform. Know how to play the best and fastest online quiz and trivia questions game online and win real answered. If you complete the quiz before others, you might have to wait for a few seconds for them to finish too The ranking is based on the total score of rall the questions. The final prize money distribution is based on the total number of players in that game.

  • One game of quizwalla can have one or more questions.
  • The goal is to answer all questions correctly before everyone else.
  • Each question has 4 options with only 1 right answer.
  • You get 10 seconds to answer a question.
  • For every correct answer, you will get a score.
  • For a wrong answer, the score for that question will be zero.
  • As soon as you answer a question, the next question will appear.
  • If the timer for a question runs out before you can answer, then the question is skipped,and your score for that question will be zero.
  • You will see the final scores after you complete your quiz
  • Thwe final PRIZE money distribution is based on the total number of players in that game.





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